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Licensed & Insured    


Greg Marsh - founder and owner of New England Solar & Electrical, LLC

Greg is an E-1 licensed electrician and has worked on hundreds of different types of electrical jobs throughout his career. From new service installs for home and business owners to large commercial jobs throughout New England, Greg’s knowledge and experience in the field will give you peace of mind for any job you may be considering. Be sure to look at the references page for various jobs Greg has been involved in.

Solar – Greg has worked on over 17 solar installations with various solar companies around New England. He then decided to branch out on his own. He learned a lot from these different companies in regard to solar but didn’t feel they had the electrical knowledge and background to be 100% efficient and safe. Not all solar companies are created equal. Many companies do not employ licensed electricians and that is the law in many states! For your own protection, be sure to hire a company with licensed, and insured electricians on board.

All employees of New England Solar & Electrical, LLC are licensed E-2 electricians. What that means for you is reliability, knowledge and safety on every job!

Give us a call today at (860) 429-6766 for more information.

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